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The advantages of the strand-by-strand style are endless. Wearing hair extensions can truly transform your entire look, and that case holds especially true for this particular method.

Knowing the main advantages will allow you to fully understand the value of this type of extension. This method is very popular and will give you that new look you have always wanted!

Add Length

The hair extension’s main purpose is in its name – to extend hair to a certain length that it wasn’t at before.

While you can add a max of 30 inches to your head while still making it look natural, long, luscious, and beautiful, there are still other benefits that make the this method better than some of the other hair extension styles.

Get Volume

Not only do you get the length, but with the strand method, you also increase the sheer volume of hair on your head. It will look fuller, thicker, and as a result, will be less likely to tangle.

It’s important to get it brushed and separated, especially if you decide to fully optimise the volume of your extensions instead of just the length aspect.


Clip-in hair extensions are temporary, but using strands is a little more permanent. While no hair extension method is going to last forever, this style will allow you months of extra volume and length.

Quick to Apply

Depending on how thick and long your hair is already and a number of other variables, it can take 30 minutes to around 8 hours to finish installing the i-tip or u-tip strands.

Heal Your Hair

While you’re taking advantage of the strand method for your hair, you can let your natural hair heal, relax, and not be faced with dye or heat for an extended period of time.

Using hair extensions to not have to style your natural hair as much is an excellent way to restore it back to its original sheen and beauty.

Maximum Hair Growth

Not only can you heal your hair back to the way it was supposed to be before all of the heat, dye, and other damage, but you can also utilise the strand method to grow your natural hair out.

Because your natural hair will be in the background, in a sense, you’re at will to do just about anything you want with it. Because you’ll have the strand hair extensions in for at least 6 weeks to a couple of months, you’ll be able to grow your hair out at least a few inches each time you put in your hair extensions.

The advantages of using the strand method are obvious. Whether you’re using strands to grow your natural hair out, add much-needed volume, or simply to appear more youthful, this is a fantastic opportunity to make your hair look natural without too much trouble.

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