Weave Hair Extensions

A whole new realm of possibilities for your hair open up when you begin using the weave method. Even if you were never quite brave enough to dye your natural hair a crazy color, a weave allows you to get bright highlights, a noticeable ombre, and much more. Not only that, but using the weave also allows you the opportunity to grow your natural hair out, protect and hide it away from damage such as harsh dyes and high heats, and you can get that long hair look you’ve been trying to achieve for years now.

Benefits of using Hair Weave

There are countless benefits to using weave on your hair, such as the bright side of it being a little color to-go when you want an accent, highlight, or even an entire ombre or new style to your hair. As long as you buy a weave that is similar or matches your natural hair texture, you won’t have any issues with having to style it every day.

Disadvantages of using Hair Weave

It would be naive to think that wearing and using weave doesn’t have all of those advantages without also having some disadvantages. For example, sometimes, bacteria can collect along the weaves. This can dry out the weave hair even more than it already is, since weave is typically already drier than your natural hair. It can also make it damaged, brittle, and cracked.

No matter what happens beyond that point, damaged weave has to be removed, so it would be a waste of time and money. This whole situation can be avoided by ensuring that you’re taking care of your hair and your weave daily and checking in with your hair stylist to make sure that your hair is taking to the weave correctly.

Tips for First Time Weave Wearers

Before we go any further, some much-needed tips for first time weave wearers is in order. This is to ensure that those who try weave for the first time don’t actually damage their hair, leave it in for too long, or make a weave faux paus that could embarrass them in a public setting.

Keep the Weave in No Longer than Six Weeks

You may have read that you can keep your weave in for up to two months or maybe even three months. Keeping hair in for longer can lead to matting, excessive breakage, and utter catastrophe for both the weave and your natural hair.

Match Up Your Hair Texture

Avoid getting weave that doesn’t match up with your specific, natural hair type. This will save you a lot of time and hassle in the mirror every morning. Because your extensions already match up with your natural hair, you don’t have to do any additional styling if you don’t want to, other than brush or tie your hair up in a ponytail.

Leave Out Little to No Hair

Leave out the absolute bare minimum of natural hair that you can. This will allow your natural hair to be protected, allow it to heal and become healthier, and it will allow it to grow faster.

By following the tips we have laid out and understanding the advantages and disadvantages that come with using hair weave, you can better determine if that’s the type of hair extension style to go with. It’s one of many popular options, but it’s not the only option. In the end, doing your research and understanding fully what you’re going to have done to your hair is the highest recommended approach.


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