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There are a multitude of benefits that come with clip-in hair extensions as opposed to other methods.

Because we offer all three services – clip-in, strands, and weaves – we try our hardest to educate our clients on the benefits and main uses of all three.

We always aim to provide honest, unbiased advice, and sometimes that may point us in the direction of looking into clip-ins for you. Read more…

Strands Image - Crystals Hair Extensions Nicosia

The advantages of the strand-by-strand style are endless. Wearing hair extensions can truly transform your entire look, and that case holds especially true for this particular method.

Knowing the main advantages will allow you to fully understand the value of this type of extension.

This method is very popular and will give you that new look you have always wanted! Read more…

Weaves Model - Crystals Hair Extensions Nicosia Cyprus

A whole new realm of possibilities for your hair open up when you begin using the weave method.

Even if you were never quite brave enough to dye your natural hair a crazy color, a weave allows you to get bright highlights, a noticeable ombre, and much more.

Not only that, but using the weave also allows you the opportunity to grow your natural hair out, protect and hide it away from damage such as harsh dyes and high heats, and you can get that long hair look you’ve been trying to achieve for years now. Read more…

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